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A Klal-Israel Yeshiva Study Program

Midra"sh was established in 2007 to achieve the goal of giving young  Torah scholars a half day beit-Midrash framework while they are training  to earn an Academic degree or  professional  training or try to attain a dignified  parnasa. Midra"sh aims to offer a common framework for young scholars who represent a variety of political identities and Orthodox backgrounds and lifestyles. We believe that Torah can be a unifying power and a bridge between people. We are proud that by us one may find a Charedi person learning together (Chavruta) with a Dati-Leumi person, students  representing most Jewish Orthodox communities. We are emphasizing the Klal-Israel spirit, the Torah unity as way of life; unity, not separatism.

Midra"sh was honored to  act under the presidency of Ha-Ga'on Rabbi Akiva Hacarmi zz"l.

Head and the Founder is Rabbi Dr. Yaakov H. Charlap shlit"a. Rabbi Charlap is a graduate of Hevron Yeshiva in Jerusalem and a disciple of the late Ha-Ga'on Rabbi Yitzhak Hutner zz"l. He is a former Rosh yeshiva in Hesder Yeshivot, and a Lecturer in the center of Basic Jewish Studies in Bar-Ilan University  and in the Charedi Michlala.

Rabbi Charlap is the author of the book The Land of Israel in Tannaitic and Amoraic Literature (Jerusalem: Yad HaRav Nissim, 2003) and published dozens of articles in the fields of Jewish Law and Jewish thought.

Rabbi Charlap's work in Midra"sh is done voluntarily, and the same applies to the other Amuta members.

The Midra"sh people would appreciate your kindness and support. If you wish to join by a monthly donation or by other means, please contact us.

Founded by Midrash – Beit Midrash on the memory of  Rabbi Shmuel M. Charlap zz"l and his wife Rivka z"l (non-profit organization reg. no. 580471555)

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